Fluorescent Tube Disposal

Fluorescent tube disposal UK is governed by the WEEE Regulations Act of 2014. This was passed due to rising landfill costs and higher recycling targets. 

The items covered under this act are varied but include most electrical household items such as fridges, toasters, cookers and lightbulbs to name a few.

In the UK over a million tonnes of electrical waste is produced each year. That is just by Industry and doesn’t include household waste. Which if included almost doubles this figure to just under 2 million tonnes.

Due to the components in these devices, much of this WEEE Waste is classified as Hazardous Waste. To safely dispose of this material you need to use a licensed recycling service.

Fluorescent tubes pose a major problem to the Environment, if not dealt with correctly. Bulbs contain mercury which if broken can leach into watercourses and contaminate drinking water.

For domestic enquiries, your local household hazardous waste recycling centre may be able to help.

All commercial fluorescent lighting disposal, however, must be carried out by a light bulb recycling company.

Fluorescent Lamp Storage

The major threat posed to both the environment and to personal health by fluorescent lamps is the potential for breakages.

These can release toxic dust into the air and mercury into watercourses. It is estimated that a single broken bulb can contaminate up to 10,000 litres of drinking water.

Any damage or breakage of fluorescent tubes could see people being exposed to mercury dust and vapour. It's odourless, invisible and vaporises at room temperature.

Other contaminants can include copper, aluminium, barium and cadmium compounds. Most of these are only found in older lamps.
When it comes to the storage of fluorescent lamps, all businesses should take measures to minimise any threat posed to health and the environment.

It is important that all fluorescent light bulbs are safely packed together in waterproof storage boxes or coffins. Ideally, these would be kept inside.
You should NEVER smash the bulbs deliberately prior to packing them.
If possible keep the lamps stored at room temperature.

How to dispose of light bulbs uk

Recycle fluorescent tubes domestically by returning them to the place of purchase. Many shops and stores will be happy to help and some provide this service free of charge.

Businesses should only use licensed waste management companies when it comes to the disposal or recycling of old fluorescent lamps.

Companies such as ourselves can provide the containers in which to store the lamps safely and will collect them for recycling or disposal.

Household Waste Recycling Centre’s or Civic Amenity sites will accept lamp waste from householders. Businesses are responsible for their own waste.

Items covered within the UK WEEE Directive including fluorescent tubes and lamps, are the responsibility of the waste producer to recycle when they become waste.

It provides a legal duty of care for the waste producer to use the most friendly disposal route.
If you would like to learn more about how to get rid of fluorescent tubes, there are lots more articles on our website.

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Full copies of our licenses are made available on request. At the time of your fluorescent tube collection, you will be left with all the relevant paperwork. You should retain this document for 3 years as proof of proper disposal.


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